PC Supervisor

The program module “Design Profile Calculation” is intended for calculating the parameters of the well design profiles. Calculation of typical profiles of directional and horizontal wells.

The “Casing Calculation” software module allows you to prevent abnormal and emergency situations associated with the collapse of external overpressure, to the breakdown of threaded connections and rupture of the column ...

The software module “Calculation of drill pipe string” is intended for the design formation of a rational design of the drill string that meets all engineering requirements for bearing capacity and operatively checks the string layout options in case of a changed column composition or drilling conditions compared to the design ones.

The module "Hydrodynamic calculations" serves to form a hydraulic program for flushing wells, taking into account its design, flow rate of the drilling fluid and the pressures created; as well as to determine the modes of tripping.
“Calculation of casing cementing” allows to solve the problem of checking the calculation of casing sticking in accordance with the method of correct selection of drill pipes and drill collar in their combination for a given load, calculation of the drill string for strength from static loads.