Monitoring complexes

Универсальный комплекс мониторинга параметров (УКМП) реализуется в следующих модификациях:

УКМП-А применяется как автоматическая дорожная станция (контроль состояния дорожного полотна), а также для прогнозирования и предупреждения лесных пожаров.

УКМП-Г предназначен для контроля безопасности химически опасных объектов.

УКМП-М предназначен для термокартирования дорог, а также контроля состояния атмосферы после техногенных аварий.

На базе Универсального Комплекса Мониторинга Параметров разработаны системы прогнозирования чрезвычайных ситуаций на автодорогах, опасных объектах и.т.п.

Программно-аппаратные комплексы на базе УКМП:

  1. Универсальный комплекс мониторинга
  2. Мониторинг безопасности объектов
  3. Мониторинг лесных пожаров
  4. Мониторинг ЧС на автодорогах

АРМ Диспетчера.

For the development of the Universal Complex Monitoring Parameters OKB Burstroyproekt LLC received the Diploma of the International Salon Integrated Safety 2009.
The design office has developed a system for monitoring hazardous production and for preventing emergency situations, especially those involving danger to production personnel and the civilian population living in close proximity to hazardous industrial facilities ...
Currently in the Russian Federation, the number of forest fires is increasing every year. The current state of affairs is largely due to the lack of a modern system of monitoring and preventing forest fires, corresponding to the current technological and natural factors ...
To predict the parameters of emergency situations (emergencies) on roads (ice, snow drifts, landslides, flooding and flooding) and their prevention often use the parameters of weather phenomena, such as temperature and humidity, humidity, pressure ...
For inventory control objects, assessing their condition, including the state of engineering structures, the roadway, assessing the level of content in the composition of the operational management system, it is advisable to use mobile monitoring complexes.
Allows you to determine the condition of road coverage (snow, ice, dry, adhesion coefficient) road width, number of lanes, width of each lane, width of slopes, turn radius. Mobile AWP provides automated generation of passports for objects of control ...
The MNIS complex works with any sensors and monitoring complexes that can be used in an engineering structure. To implement this requirement, a universal parameter monitoring complex (UCMD) was created in the design office ...
OKB Burstroyproekt Ltd. has considerable experience in creating posts for environmental monitoring. In the process of carrying out work with the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, mobile and stationary monitoring complexes were created in the OKB, allowing the assessment of the environmental and meteorological ...