1. PC Supervisor

The PC SUPERVISER is designed to control the quality of construction and repair of wells by supervising services in the oil and gas industry. PC SUPERVISOR provides an automated solution of many problems.

2. Well Project Development

The software package "SUPERVIZER-M Project" (formerly known as "PC Development of a well project") is intended for the development of projects for the construction of wells, according to the design model. PC modules provide automated solutions for the following tasks ...

3. PC Supervisor-M Field

The software package "SUPERVIZER-M" is intended for solving a number of design and engineering tasks, as well as for supervising services in the oil and gas industry to monitor the quality of well construction and repair.

4. Keeping reports of BM

The program “Reporting” is a new Russian software development that provides the user with the means to process and analyze the data obtained in the process of drilling oil wells. The final information is presented in the form of a set of reports in the form specified by the customer, which are the initial data for making decisions ...

5. ASU of the drilling company

OKB Burstroyproekt represents a wide range of solutions in the field of automation of oil producing companies. Due to its flexibility and scalability, an automated control system (ASU) can be deployed both at the company level and at the level of individual units or individual drilling rigs.

6. Separately supplied modules

Delivery of separate calculation modules from the PC "Supervisor-M" is possible. In this case, a truncated version of the complex is delivered to the user, where only the purchased module is fully functional, and the other modules necessary for the calculation process are replaced with "plugs" ...

7. ASU Kaliningrad region

OKB “Burstroyproekt” creates for the Kaliningrad region an integrated interdepartmental automated system for managing the region (region) - ASUR, in which all management decisions are based on a single information base.

8. Marine projects

Currently, Burstroyproekt OKB has cable vessels of the Navy for work with cable type KPK-5/18, СЭПК-4. There are relevant documents that define the Burstroyproekt OKB by the representative of the Russian Navy on technical issues of supporting projects, including the Blue Stream and Baltic Cable Systems projects.

9. ACS Well

ACS Well is designed to control the quality of construction and repair of wells in the oil and gas industry. The ACS application software provides an automated solution for the following tasks...

10. ACS for Rosavtodor

OKB "Burstroyproekt" the work on the development of methods and means of automated collection and analysis of information on threats of natural origin on public roads.

11. Automated systems for Emergency Situations Ministry Russia

By order of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia, within the framework of the federal target program "Improving road safety in 2006-2012", ...

12. Designing ITM GO ES

LLC "Burstroyproekt" special design bureau, provides services for the development of the section "Engineering and technical measures for civil defense emergency situations." The bureau's specialists developed sections “Engineering and technical measures” for enterprises in many regions of Russia.

13. Road management system

OKB Burstroyproekt Ltd. has developed an integrated system for managing the operation of the road and the technological processes for maintaining the road in the required operational condition (ASUE and TP).

14. Integrated road control post

The complex road control station includes an integrated meteorological station IWS, a road condition sensor for a DSPD, a video camera, a universal complex of parameter monitoring (UKMP), and a post software.

15. Typical control center (AIC "Safe Region")

A software package is a tool (constructor) for quickly creating software complexes of centers and control systems of any type and hierarchical level: control centers in critical situations ...

16. Monitoring complexes

On the basis of the Universal Complex of Monitoring of Parameters, systems have been developed for forecasting emergency situations on roads, hazardous objects, and so on.

17. Safe city

Currently, in many regions and cities of Russia, the concept of creating a safe region (city) is being implemented. A variety of management systems and complexes for monitoring and assessing the safety of control objects are being created in departments and agencies.

18. Well construction software

The software for well construction includes the PC Supervisor M (new version), the PC Supervisor M, the project PC, the Supervisor M, the field PC. As well as ACS Well is designed to control the quality of construction and repair of wells in the oil and gas industry.

19. PС drilling

The Burenie complex is designed to create a high-quality project for a well through algorithmically linked engineering and optimization calculations implemented in the following software modules ...