• Software systems
    • Typical control center (situational center)
    • ACS utilities.
    • Monitoring complexes (transitions to the “Emergency Monitoring Complexes”, “Monitoring Tools (Sensors)” pages)

Software systems

  • ACS road maintenance and technical processes.
    • Subsystem for monitoring the state of engineering structures.
    • Subsystem engineering systems management.
    • Transport security management subsystem.
  • Monitoring complexes
    • Integrated road control posts.
    • Points accounting traffic intensity.
    • Scoreboard variable information.
    • Weight control points.
    • Complexes for monitoring the status of the lighting system.
  • AIC monitoring the state of engineering structures
    • Integrated road control posts
    • Road Condition Sensor
    • Weather sensors
      • Sensor integrated atmospheric parameters.
      • Mechanical wind sensor.
    • Universal thermohygrometer.
    • Ship monitoring systems and navigation devices
      • Manual wind sensor ARI-49.
      • Universal thermohygrometer.
      • Vetrochet (KSMO).
  • Complexes of monitoring of an emergency of natural character.
    • Complex monitoring of avalanches.
    • Complex monitoring of flooding.
    • Complex monitoring of transport infrastructure flooding.
    • Complex monitoring of forest fires.
  • Man-made emergency monitoring complexes
    • AHOV monitoring complex
    • Complex of radiation monitoring
    • Forest Fire Monitoring Complex
    • Mobile complex monitoring of emergency parameters
  • Mobile complex of road condition monitoring
  • PC "Supervisor-M" for well design
  • PC "Supervisor-M" - field
  • PC "Keeping reports"

About company

OKB Burstroyproekt Ltd. is a research and production company specializing in the development, production and implementation of automated control systems and monitoring systems of various types and purposes.

OKB Burstroyproekt is a collective member of the federal center of science and high technologies.

OKB "Burstroyproekt" is a representative of the Russian Navy on technical issues of project support.

OKB has dozens of licenses for designing, monitoring and creating tools to protect information.

In April 2015, we received the support of the Moscow government.


The PC SUPERVISER is designed to control the quality of construction and repair of wells by supervising services in the oil and gas industry. PC SUPERVISOR provides an automated solution of many problems.


The outdoor lighting control system is designed to control outdoor lighting systems in rural, urban settlements, at large industrial enterprises, and on highways.


OKB Burstroyproekt Ltd. has developed an integrated system for managing the operation of the road and the technological processes for maintaining the road in the required operational condition (ASUE and TP).


The complex road control station includes an integrated meteorological station IWS, a road condition sensor for a DSPD, a video camera, a universal complex of parameter monitoring (UKMP), and a post software.


A software package is a tool (constructor) for quickly creating software complexes of centers and control systems of any type and hierarchical level: control centers in critical situations ...


On the basis of the Universal Complex of Monitoring of Parameters, systems have been developed for forecasting emergency situations on roads, hazardous objects, and so on.


The software for well construction includes the PC Supervisor M (new version), the PC Supervisor M, the project PC, the Supervisor M, the field PC. As well as ACS Well is designed to control the quality of construction and repair of wells in the oil and gas industry.


Certificates and licenses


31 / 12 / 2015

В 2015 году по заказу регионального управления МЧС по Архангельской области создана системы обеспечения…

15 / 12 / 2015

В Новосибирскавтодоре установлены 4 комплекта ДСПД. Поставлено 5 комплектов ДСПД в "Волго-Вятскупрдор".

22 / 09 / 2015

На сайт выложена дополнительная документация по программным продуктам семейства…

22 / 09 / 2015

На сайт выложена информация об автоматической метеостанции IWS.

22 / 04 / 2015

На сайте размещён баннер Департамента науки, промышленной политики и предпринимательства города Москвы.

11 / 11 / 2014

В Упрдор "Азов" установлены 11 комплектов датчиков состояния дорожного полотна, в т.ч. 1 автономный…

11 / 06 / 2014

Получено Свидетельство об утверждении типа средств измерения на Датчик состояния дорожного полотна…

20 / 12 / 2013

Разработан дистанционный датчик состояния дорожного полотна.

02 / 12 / 2013

Разработан дистанционный датчик температуры.